Haven’t made up your mind yet about which Sketchbook Skool klass you’re going to take next? We totally get it; you have to choose between four great options. But time is running out—klasses start this Friday. So we’re here to help with these 3 easy steps:

  1. Watch this video.
  2. Click here.
  3. Enroll.

That’s it! This video goes over the benefits of next term’s kourses—Stretching, Seeing, Beginning, and More Playing. One of them is going to jump out at you. Then, click the link, enroll, and start doing your happy dance. You’ll soon be learning how to draw and paint in new styles, with new materials. You’ll be using your iPad for a lot more than looking at other people’s art on Instagram. You’ll be making and posting your own art!

Follow the three super-easy steps above and we’ll see you in klass this Friday.

Click here to enroll in Stretching

Click here to enroll in Seeing

Click here to enroll in Beginning

Click here to enroll in More Playing

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