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It’s no secret that our Sketchbook Skool community LOVES to talk about art supplies. Whether its a Bic Pen or a brush pen, nothing gets students more excited about drawing (in addition to actually drawing of course!) than talk of what to use and how to use it.

We asked and our community answered. What’s the best way to keep all your stuff if one mobile and portable place?

  1. Field Easel Art Bag This bag is water resistant if you get caught in the rain and comes with lots of pockets. Available in one size with three colors to choose from, and with built in easel support.
  2. Tool Bag This bag is your run-of-the-mill tool carrier and can be found at hardware stores and the like. It is inexpensive but holds all your small bits and pieces in one place.
  3. Satchel This is one of our fakulty favorites. It's a splurge when it comes to cost but built from high-quality materials, it will last a lifetime and take on even more character as it ages. It fits a sketchbook, pencil boxes and paint boxes, and is as sturdy as it is fashionable.
  4. Carry-all Pencil Storage Case This messenger-style bag fits a sketchbook and many pencils. Has removable 'pencil leaves' to add and remove different sets of tools as you wish.
  5. Guide Bag This bag is made for heavy travel purposes so you know it will get around. While it's made to fit an iPad, it’ll definitely fit your sketchbook perfectly, and it keeps your art tools well organized.

While these options are meant for travel and keep art supplies in mind, you can also repurpose other bags like cheap cosmetic cases sold at drug stores or Target. What kinds of carrying cases have you found to be most useful?

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