Welcome to this week’s Student Union Bulletin! Sketchbook Skool’s Dean of Students, Morgan Green, is having a hard (but fun) time keeping up with all the amazing art you guys are creating in our Expressing, Polishing, and Beginning klasses. You can see some of that great art in this video. SBS students have also been rocking #Inktober, the month of illustrations done in pens of all kinds.

We’re at the mid-term point of our current Sketchbook Skool kourses, but remember, if you or a friend want to join in the fun, you can still enroll. Just click here to pick out a klass.

As Sketchbook Skool’s Dean of Students, Morgan Green has a great time interacting with our student body. She’s also the magician technician behind setting up our klasses. Morgan went to university for art education and museum studies, and she now divides her time between Sketchbook Skool, a non-profit organization serving adult artists with disabilities, and running marathons.

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