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Fakulty Chat: What is Urban Sketching?


You’ve been hearing a lot about Urban Sketching lately. But just what is it, exactly? In this Fakulty Chat video, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory talked to Urban Sketcher Jason Das to find out.

In the video, Danny mentions that Jason is one of the teachers in the SBS kourse Stretching. Though that kourse isn’t available right now, Jason’s Urban Sketching klass is part of a special kourse called Urban Sketching!

We’ve taken the best of our Urban Sketching lessons and put them together in one amazing five-week workshop. Jason will take you on an Urban Sketching trip through the streets of New Orleans, tell you more about what makes an Urban Sketch, how to turn your mistakes into creative gold, and more.

This kourse also features Nina Johansson, Miguel Herranz, Liz Steel, and Lapin. They’ll teach you how to draw buildings, vehicles, people, and more. This is a unique opportunity to take lessons with five of the rock stars of the Urban Sketching world. Learn how to draw life on location; click here for more on Urban Sketching!

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