Are you ready to take another big step toward living a more creative life? Are you prepared to do some wildly fun things to keep building your creative habit? Then get ready…

The new Sketchbook Skool term starts today.

This is one of the most exciting terms yet. Storytelling is back by popular demand. And we have a brand-new kourse, Polishing, that will feed your creativity:

Danny Gregory will show you how to take your sketches to storylines in his graphic novel-inspired klass. Koosje Koene will let you in on an artist’s trick that will open up the world of urban sketching to you. Vin Ganapathy will teach you how to make your portraits come alive. Meals will never be the same after Matthew Midgley’s delicious food art tutorials. Nelleke Verhoeff will bring mixed media and a childlike sense of play to your art. And Juliana Coles will show you a new way to do sketch journaling that will take your art, and your imagination, in new and exciting directions.

Whoa, there’s more?

Yes! We’ve redesigned our website and Student Union just for you. Everything around our virtual SBS kampus is even easier to navigate, not to mention being a kind of amazing SBS art gallery.

And here’s some excellent news…

If you haven’t signed up for Polishing or Storytelling yet, we don’t want you to miss out, so the Skool doors are still open. Yes, you can still sign up! But don’t wait—klasses are starting now!

I don’t want to miss out on this amazing term. Enroll me now!

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