Featured image by fakulty member, Jonathan Twingley, who teaches this week in Stretching!

Happy first day of klass! Welcome back to everyone enrolled in Stretching, Seeing, Beginning, and More Playing. By now you’ve all received your emails giving you access to your klasses (have your pens and pencils ready to take illustrated notes!). Get to know your fellow klassmates from all over the world in the Student Union, and visit our closed group Facebook page. And just have fun!

FYI, while you’re having a good time, you’re also doing yourselves a lot of good. Recent studies on the effects of drawing reveal reduced stress levels, and increased self esteem and ability to focus.

And if you haven’t enrolled for this new term, don’t miss out on all this goodness–you can still get into Skool! But hurry, time is running out. Click here to get to your klass.

Welcome back to Skool!

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