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We Heart Art Supplies


Sometimes we can’t decide which we love more: art, or fresh tools for making art.

For anyone who loves sketching and watercoloring, there’s almost nothing better than walking into the art supply store. The smell of paper waiting to be drawn on, the rows and rows of pens tempting us to test them, the palettes full of watercolor and gouache waiting for those fresh water brushes to come along and get all colorful.

Even though most of our kourses can be done with a regular sketchbook, a pen and a marker, and inexpensive watercolors, we love how they want to be prepared… Or maybe they just want an excuse to go shopping. So we figured this is a great time to talk about art supplies, for Exploring, for our current kourse Seeing, and in general.

Exploring art supplies

Remember, you don’t have to run out and buy all this stuff; as mentioned, you can draw everything in this kourse with basic supplies.

Here’s what our fakulty members will be using in their klasses:

Felix Scheinberger uses color pencils and fineliners (any kind will work); grey brush pen and grey color pencil. He uses Hahnemulle sketchbooks.

Lynne Chapman uses basic watercolors and Inktense watercolor pencils.

Nina Johansson uses a fountain pen with waterproof ink and watercolors.

Danny Gregory uses a Uni Pin 0.3 and 0.1 but says “Any old pen will do.”

Brian Butler says you can use any media of your choice.

In our current kourse, Seeing, Cathy Johnson is teaching a klass on drawing nature. For a great watercolor palette you can take with you for drawing on location and urban sketching, check out her video here.

And here’s what some of our students are using and loving these days:

Lynne: Copic markers!

Sonia: Platinum Carbon fountain pen.

Juan: Same as always—black ballpoint pen.

Helen: I picked up a pack of Ecoline brush pens to try some brush pen calligraphy with, so many those are my favorites just for today.

Andrea: My Platinum Maki-E brush is a steady favorite and something I never leave home without.

Ingrid: My waterproof fineliners, Pitt pens, Schmincke watercolor, and my Lamy with sepia ink.

Michal: Copic markers, Tomboy Dual Brush Pens and Staedtler Fineliners.

Darlene: Prismacolor color pencils and Sakura Gel pens.

Iva: Small Winsor & Newton palette filled with DS paints, and Holbein brush pens.

Gwenaelle: My new love is the Pilot Falcon. I can’t draw with anything else at the moment! I am in love with its beautiful lines.

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