Tale as old as time: you loved to make art as a kid and then, somehow the idea creeps in that you can’t draw. Most of us absorbed this can draw/can’t draw, either/or belief from parents, teachers, peers.

Most of us hopped into the mental “can’t draw” box and never came out! In Graham Shaw’s TED Talk, Why People Believe They Can’t Draw, and How to Prove They Can, he encourages us to think about drawing as a set of beliefs instead of a “can” or a “can’t”.

Graham says that the key to drawing is more about finding ways to trick your brain, un-learning some of these beliefs we have about ourselves, and finding joy in the process and not focusing so much on the outcome. What would happen if you tried drawing with your ‘wrong’ hand? Would you loosen your expectations? Might you even allow yourself to have more fun in the process?

We’d venture to guess that the more you emphasize finding joy in the act of drawing, the more likely you are to surprise yourself with new discoveries and a drawing practice that you really love!

Lydia Lemmond

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