As much fun as making your own art is, it can be equally as fulfilling to view the art made by others.

One of the most common types of questions we see floating around, whether that be in response to art posted in our Facebook group, or a demo one of our instructors does in klass, is what type of supplies one uses, how they store them, and so on.

There’s a wonderful BBC series ‘What Do Artists Do All Day’ that answers the questions many of us have. Each episode begins with the first cuppa tea, stays around as its subject gets to work, and doesn’t quit ‘til the studio lights turn off at day’s end. We see problems being tackled, business being handled, shows being hung, brushes cleaned and palettes scraped.

The series, one of the earliest inspirations for Sketchbook Skool’s filmic approach, goes far and afield to document quotidian slices of the lives of painters, photographers, sculptors, cartoonists, and more. Intoxicating inspiration — and much of it free on YouTube.

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