Watch This: Buck The Cubicle

I was inspired this week to create some paintings for our nursery; just thinking about colors that might make a child feel happy and loved and feeling a great deal of joy and love in the process. While I cleared out the mental clutter and focused on having fun with my artmaking, I delved into some really great music as a soundtrack for my painting. Sometimes the most simple reminders of what you love are the most profound tools for unlocking a creative spark.

In the short documentary, “Buck the Cubicle”, “pigment hunter” Scott Sutton reads historical texts and maps in order to find natural pigments outdoors. He makes a ritual of exploring and hunting for minerals and transforming the pigments in his work. Scott loves the feeling of connection to history and the earth, and his passion is contagious in this short documentary.

What’s something that really lights you up? Art-making is just so good when it gives you that feeling of simply loving being alive and being a creative being.When I am just so thankful to follow a creative impulse and let it take me on a journey, I get less attached to the results and have more fun.

Watch here!

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— Lydia Lemmond

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