This preview shows a glimpse of filmmaker Natalia Almada discussing how her mixed heritage has influenced her work.

We’re fans of any kind of art and the process behind everyone who is an artist. Documentaries are a favorite amongst our fakulty and when we see something worth watching, we’re going to talk about it. TV series Art21 is like Netflix for artists. I recently began watching season Season 8 which features four artists in four different cities. Each artist talks about their philosophy, how they started in their current medium, and shares their most recent or most popular work.

One of our favorites in the series is filmmaker Natalia Almada from Mexico City who uses genuine audio recordings from her family’s complicated and painful past as the background for her films to explore how we rewrite memory and history in a personal but often unreliable way.

Check it out and let us know what you think!

Amanda Rentschler, Provost of Posts

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