Angkor Wat, and then the same scene through Tommy Kane’s eyes and pens. Art: Tommy Kane

It’s summer—time for vacations, weekend getaways, and just being outside more. It’s when we take a lot of photos of places we go, things we see.

And photos are great; we love ‘em. But there’s something better: The unique, amazing ways artists capture what they see in a sketch.

We put together an online art gallery of amazing Urban Sketches of places all over the world that Sketchbook Skool teachers have visited. Take a moment to go on a trip that will amaze you.

And remember, you could create the kind of sketches that will amaze you, too. Learn how in our next kourse, Urban Sketching.

Treviso, as seen by Miguel Herranz. Art: Miguel Herranz

St. Malon, and then the same scene by Lapin. Art: Lapin

Casa Batllo, Barcelona, as seen by Lapin. Art: Lapin

Jefferson Market in New York City, and Danny Gregory’s interpretation. Art: Danny Gregory

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