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Tips: Travel-Friendly Watercolor Cases


Featured image from Cathy Johnson’s blogpost about DIY watercolor palettes.

When traveling for a long holiday weekend or a vacation, you want to pack light. You can’t always travel with a lot of liquids or bulky bottles but you know you still want to add color to your journal while you’re away. You need to make choices on what kind of art tools you want to take with you and how easy it is to stow those materials in a bag or pocket.

Watercolors are definitely a must for capturing the colors of your journey but it isn’t always easy to travel with them. What to do?! Of course you can buy ready-made kits from various watercolor makers, but there are some other homemade options that might suit your needs even better! See below for some tips from our Fakulty and community on how to make your own travel-friendly palettes:

Sketchbook Skool student Diane repurposed her grandfather’s sterling silver cigarette case to get ready for a new sketchbook road trip.

Another student, LisaMarie, uses a vintage cigar case that she filled with lots of watercolor dots and watercolor pencil leads. And she even made a mini water well out of an old bottle cap!

If you don’t have anything vintage and charming like Diana and LisaMarie have, you can also use an empty Altoids tin or other small candy containers. Here’s a link to a free PDF from Fakulty member Cathy Johnson, so you can create your own teeny travel kit too! Cathy also has a video in which she makes suggestions for securing palettes.

Fakulty member Jason Das also makes his own travel palette out of a tiny metal business card holder. You can see a quick video of it on his instagram page.

What are some other ideas for making your favorite art supplies more travel-friendly?

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