Featured image by Danny Gregory

We talk a lot about enjoying the process, forgetting perfection, and just letting go here at Sketchbook Skool. Here are 5 tidbits that reinforce this general mantra in case you find yourself needing a little reminder.

  • Here are some beautifully hand-lettered words that speak volumes.
  • This is a Tuesday Draw Tip from Koosje to remind you that sketchbook pages aren't meant to be precious and pristine...
  • Danny writes about his motivation for Playing and why child's play should be important to you too.
  • This is a longer read about how art should give you piece of mind, NOT stress you out and cause frustration!
  • And lastly, in addition to peace of mind, letting go and being creative can also lead to a more meaningful life according to this article.

So, what’s stopping you besides the risk of needing to turn the page and start over on a new drawing?

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