the first page of sketchbook

Draw Tip Tuesday: The First Page of Sketchbook


What do you do with that first blank, fresh, somewhat intimidating page in a new sketchbook? Koosje Koene shows you in this week’s Draw Tip Tuesday.

Many of you have just started our new kourse, A Zillion Ways to Fill Your Sketchbook, and over the years you’ve started new klasses with us that have gotten you in a daily habit of making art. That means buying new sketchbooks—and confronting FBPS, or First Blank Page Syndrome. (Writers face it too.) That first page of a fresh sketchbook sets the tone for the whole book, you think; what do you do with it? What if you draw something and mess it up—does that mean the whole book is cursed? Should there be a theme? Ugh, so many questions!

How to beat Blank Page Syndrome in Arts

As the co-founder of Sketchbook Skool, Koosje has started hundreds of new sketchbooks, so she’s got First Blank Page Syndrome down to a science. A really fun science. Watch this video, and you’ll never fear a fresh page again.

And if you’d like to fill that new sketchbook, there’s no better way than with a bunch of amazing art lessons. Our new kourse started this week, and you can still enroll; just click here.

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