Featured image by Cathy Laccetti

Sketchbook Skool students and Fakulty in the United States are celebrating Thanksgiving today. In the past few weeks, we have seen a ton of student drawings on social media celebrating what people are thankful for, as well as the mantra live, love, sketch. We want to take this day of celebration as an opportunity to promote the idea of sharing. Whether it’s a meal, a moment with someone you love, or a drawing like the ones you see here, we hope you’re able to share something special today.

Student Gwenaelle Glotin shared this drawing of her daughter’s boots with our community and we found it so touching and poignant. She used this moment to regain composure and a sense of calm in light of recent tragedies. As simple as they may seem, these boots reminded Gwenaelle why she draws in the first place: to be happy.

So, as we share all these drawings with you, we encourage everyone to keep sharing this holiday season; whether it’s drawings, meals, or happy moments.

And from ours to yours, Happy Thanksgiving!

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