We all want to be more creative, and we’ve all heard how good it is for us–being creative can boost memory, reduce stress, and even make us happier. But how do you become more creative? The answer is simple: by Expressing yourself.

Enrollment for our next term is open now. And if you missed our Expressing kourse last time, here’s your chance to take your creativity to new, exciting places. Just check out the trailer above for a sneak preview of learning how to make books, stamps, and prints, hand-lettering your favorite inspirational quotes and making fun infographics, and finding the time to make art.

Or, you can begin at Beginning. If you’ve never taken our classic kourse, or you know someone who’s always wanted to draw but didn’t know how or where to start, Beginning gives all the basics of sketching and watercoloring with ease.

In just six weeks, you can have all the benefits of being more creative. Get ready to get inspired–join us!

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