Summer Reading: From Street Art to Math

Featured image is a photograph of artwork by Stefaan De Croock

In addition to drawing, summer is a great time for reading! While you may be plowing through some great books from the library or on your kindle, here are a few shorter articles to intrigue and inspire you in between drawing sessions.

  • Tired of paper? This artist might get you thinking about making things out of nontraditional materials.
  • If you have ever had to defend yourself to friends, family, or colleagues who think you’re tuning them out if you start to doodle on a napkin or office memo, The Cognitive Benefits of Doodling may back you up!
  • Have you ever caught yourself sticking out your tongue while trying to get that crosshatching just right? This may shine a little light on why.
  • If you’re an art history buff or a design nerd, you may notice a lot more work out in the world by men than by women. But visible or not, women played a HUGE role in the shaping of the modern art and design world. This article describes some design heroines you should know about.
  • While many of you may spend more time on the right side of the brain drawing up a storm and being creative, here is an article on the intersection of math and art to keep our left-brain folks inspired.

What have you been reading this summer?

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