Proof that a creative habit, once started, can’t be stopped: After braving a snowstorm to see and draw Picasso’s sculptures at MoMA with Twingley last week, Danny got a bad cold. But that didn’t stop him from doing his Expressing homework! He was way too inspired by Penelope Dullaghan’s craft-y lesson in stamp-making and stencils, and how it reminded him of some of Andy Warhol’s work. Watch Danny use Penny’s craft techniques for his homework project, which he did along with many of you (flu notwithstanding!).

Have you posted your Penny homework yet? We want to see it! For more great assignments and lessons like this, check out the upcoming term of Sketchbook Skool, featuring four great kourses–Stretching, Seeing, More Playing (a great kourse for the whole family!), and our classic kourse, Beginning. Klasses start on February 26–click here to start your own creative habit!

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