Here at Sketchbook Skool, we’re always looking for new ways to feed the creativity that’s in all of us. Drawing portraits is one of the best ways to do that—and one of the most challenging. But in our Storytelling kourse, instructor Vin Ganapathy put portraiture in reach with the tips and tricks he’s used to become one of the Sktchy app’s most popular artists.

In this video, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene does her homework for Vin’s klass with a little help from another Sketchbook Skool student—her dad, Frans Koene, inventor of the amazing Watercolor Watch! Just click play to enjoy this sweet visit with Koosje and Frans in Amsterdam.

Portraits are a great way to get into the habit of a drawing a day. Sketchbook Skool student Ingrid Vermeer has been doing daily drawings by sketching portraits on Post-It sticky notes! Check out her charming, fun likenesses here. Doing portraits this way guarantees Ingrid can keep to her challenge of doing a drawing a day. (If you’d like to try a daily drawing challenge, check out our newest kourse, A Drawing A Day, here! It starts on January 2.)

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