Study Hall: Drawing Collections


Do you collect things? Art supplies, buttons, taxidermy? Drawing your collections in your sketchbook makes a great piece of artwork.

In our Seeing kourse, Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Andrea Joseph‘s homework assignment was to draw a collection of things. A single item can make a good drawing, but a collection of them is a composed piece of art. Andrea is famous for her ballpoint pen artwork—the tones and shades are so incredibly lush, it’s like a combination of photo realism and Andrea’s own unique style. Check out her sketch below of two of her collections, one of everything blue in her art studio, the other of everything red. And yes, believe it or not, both are done with plain ballpoint pens!

For this week’s Study Hall, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory got together one of his collections (sadly, not the taxidermy menagerie) and drew the various items to create a collection composition.

For more on Andrea Joseph, check out her latest project: A teeny, mini-newspaper and a set of cards to make up a story! It’s called The Red Case, and it’s here in her Etsy shop.

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