In this week’s Study Hall, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Koosje Koene shows you how to turn an average, everyday experience into a fun work of art.

Koosje’s doing her homework assignment from our Imagining klass, where Marloes De Vries shared her foolproof method for drawing people, and then turning those caricatures into stories. The little things that happen during your day, that amuse you or confuse you, that you see or overhear, are not just worth remembering; they’re worth documenting in some way. And sharing them with others, as Marloes does with her Journal Doodles. This is another way we connect with each other—sometimes half a world away. You’ll be able to relate to Koosje’s experience as soon as you see it!

If you haven’t done your homework from Imagining yet, join Koosje as she does hers. Let it spark some memories for you. And if you’d like to join the klass, click here for more info on Imagining.

Koosje’s homework for this week’s klass in Imagining. Art: Koosje Koene

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