Most of us usually sketch indoors, in the comfort of our own homes, with nobody peeking over our shoulders. Maybe you even have a dedicated space for making art in your house or apartment. But eventually, the day will come when you want to take your sketchbook and venture outside, and that day probably came this week during Nina Johansson’s klass in our Urban Sketching kourse.

Nina is an amazing watercolorist known all over the world for her Urban Sketching and her completely different fantasy drawings. Her artwork could make even the most self-conscious, home-loving sketchbook artist want to take to the streets.

In this Study Hall, which originally appeared in our Exploring kourse, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory took his sketchbook and watercolors to a street in his New York City neighborhood to do his homework for Nina’s klass. He’ll tell you about his adventures in this Study Hall video. If you’re a homebody, maybe it will inspire you to take your sketchbook and art supplies on a coffee date. (They really like that every now and then.)

Build your art skills and your confidence with lessons from great, encouraging teachers. There’s a klass that’s right for you on our kourses page.

Drawings done outdoors can be a study in color, more than detail. Art: Danny Gregory

…or you can get as detailed as you want! Art: Danny Gregory

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