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We know that making art can make people happy–science has proven it, and we prove it all the time in the non-scientific lab that is Sketchbook Skool. Every now and then we hear a story that goes beyond everyday happiness and proves that making art can change lives. 

Student Lisa-Marie Prince Success Story

When I started my first Sketchbook Skool kourse, I wrote in my description profile that one of my dreams was to become a graphic designer, even though I thought that was foolish, and it was too late for me. Even after earning a graduate degree in fine arts, I felt I hadn’t received the proper education to work in a creative field.

But Sketchbook Skool helped me to unlock my creativity and my willingness. It gave me practice and experience. I liked sharing my sketches with others, and I enjoyed seeing the work of the other students just as much. Sharing our work was a big motivation for me, and it reminded me that we are all works in progress.

After taking three kourses, I decided to register in an intensive graphic design program. I will complete it this December. I can honestly say that Sketchbook Skool helped me to fulfill a big dream of mine.

Now I feel I don’t have limits anymore—I only have the pleasure of learning and trying new things. I can’t wait to register for Art Bootcamp and People Drawing People. I thank everyone at Sketchbook Skool for all their hard work. It gives much more than you think!

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