Draw what you love Mary Yeates House art

Student Stories: Draw What You Love


When you’re not sure what to draw, it’s always fun to draw what you love. Do you love coffee first thing in the morning? Do you love your garden in your backyard? Drawing what you love is not only fun, but commits your love to memory, a memory that can then be shared.

Beyond drawing what you love, what about drawing what those around you love? Michelle Ramsay took up drawing the homes her friends and relatives have lived in, loved, and moved on from as a special gift to them.

student Michelle Ramsay art
Art by Michelle Ramsay
 Michelle Ramsay house sketch
Art by Michelle Ramsay

Mary Yeates drew a portrait of a home her friend had lived in for over 50 years.

Mary Yeates House art

When Jill Ackiron-Moses lost a beloved pet, Dulce the black cat, she shared a photo of him and our community kicked into gear, drawing portraits of Dulce as a lovely tribute.

Jill Ackiron pet sketch
Art by Anka Bungert


Cynthia Stock cat sketch
Art by Cynthia Stock
Jo Harris cat sketch
Art by Jo Harris

Sharing love through your eyes and your art can be such a powerful gift.

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