This week, we meet Roque Daudt, who lives and creates art in Saanich, British Columbia.

Q: Roque, Give us a day in your life! Where are you from? When do you create? What else fills your days?

A: I was born in Brazil. We moved to Canada twenty years ago and a few years later we became Canadians. The Brazilian roots probably show themselves in my use of colors. I create mostly at night, before getting to bed and early in the morning, before or while having breakfast. As an IT Consultant, though, for the most part I am able to make my own schedule and work from home. For these reasons, it is not rare that I will start or finish something in between tasks.

Q: How did your creative journey start?

A: Because of a car. Two years ago, I bought a Mazda 3 for my son. As a an extra gift, I was given an iPad Mini by the dealership. I had no use for it and decided to use it for fun, to learn how to draw. Soon I was addicted to Procreate and digital art. It was frustrating though, given the lack of skills. Then I decided to do two things: take the SBS course How to Draw Without Talent and join Procreate-oriented Facebook groups. Anyway, that’s how it all started: with a good deal to buy a Mazda 3.

Q: How do you fit art into your life right now? Are you involved in any other creative activities?

A: I am probably entering into the last 10 years of my career as an IT professional. The joy of drawing keeps growing, and I plan to develop a career in illustration once I retire. What I do at this time is to try to practice as much as possible and to this end, SBS courses and the daily drawing prompts are invaluable. I have a desire to publish an illustrated book before retirement, but I haven’t found a good subject yet.

Q: What has your creative practice taught you?

A: The hardest and most rewarding thing was to face my fears and share my creations online. When you are a beginner, you see so much talent around you and you think “no way I am going to share my stuff.” However, once you start doing it, the practice and discipline of creating every day tremendously boosts your ability to express yourself in interesting ways.

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to a brand-new artist or someone who’s just recently joined SBS, what would it be?

A: The single most important thing in my development was to try to produce something to share every day. The companion to this advice is also natural: take the time to demonstrate your appreciation for the other artists that are kindly sharing art with you. This cycle helps to both grow the artist and nurture the community around him/her.

We agree with Roque’s advice and are so proud that he is a part of our community of artists, sharing and supporting each other!

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