Robert Spinola

Student Spotlight: Robert Spinola


Robert Spinola is kind of like the Mr. Rogers of our Sketchbook Skool community. He hails from Paso Robles, CA and is always quick to offer encouragement, or a good book you should check out!

Q: Robert, what got you started on your creative journey?**

A: I think that everybody is on a creative journey. Mine started when I was drawn to reading and books before I was four and I have been reading ever since. For brevity’s sake, this more artistic portion of my creative journey began with my first SBS kourse, Seeing.

Robert Spinola drawing

**Q: That leads me to my next question! What kourse at SBS has meant the most to you?**

**A:** I started taking SBS kourses in April 2014 with *Seeing* and have taken almost all the kourses since. Of course on a superficial level, I think that everyone has favorites yet over the years, I have come to believe that every single kourse has come to mean something valuable to me. So what I would tell anyone that is interested, is to take them all! Start anywhere but just start. You can never really “finish” any of them for good but you will get as much out of them as you put in. From these kourses, I also found a steady diet of recommended books from fakulty and other students, including Danny Gregory’s books, blog, and podcasts, and even Koosje Koene’s *Draw Tip Tuesday* series, plus all of the “surfing” I do each day in the community (even if only for 10 min). It’s all important.

Robert Spinola sketch

**Q: Give us a typical day in your life! When do you create? What else fills your days?**

**A:** I will say this about my typical day: I am trying to create a day where I sleep when tired, eat when hungry (a lot harder to do after decades of societal conditioning), and play seriously at my goals. What does this look like? A mess sometimes, and very satisfying sometimes, and a challenge the rest of the time one is not asleep. I wake up usually between 3 and 6 am. I draw each day and post each day (lately my Pentel brush pen practice at least). My other goals include staying healthy (at 71 who knows?) and learning more. Tina [my partner] just got her IPad and we’re taking klasses at the Apple Store. Working on learning the iPad will be a challenge we are both looking forward to, plus diving into Procreate with Danny in klass soon. We live about 20 miles from the coast which we love, and sometimes take outings or short visits and enjoy the different environments right outside our door. Plus, our German Shepherd Max loves to go on outings! As for other projects, this year I am working on 4 issues of my mini-zine (completed two so far), my own financial health update, and plans to continue my learning along with always remembering to be grateful.

**Q: What has your drawing practice taught you?**

**A:** My drawing practice is constantly teaching me something. I get instant feedback which I sometimes remember to use. The SBS community is teaching me a lot about our world and humanity one person, drawing, painting, article, Q&A webinar, kourse, and post at a time. In addition, I’ve learned that sharing your work makes a huge difference between checking off a box and actually finding meaning in the process. Even if you use The Dump group I started; there is magic in posting and sharing your work.

*Robert has shared so much of his creative journey with us, and never fails to inspire, intrigue, and amuse us with his explorations!*

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