Marion Wever

Student Spotlight: Marion Wever


This week’s Spotlight features Dutch student Marion Wever!

Q: Marion, Give us a day in your life! Where are you from and what do you do for a living? 
A: I’ve worked in local government for a long time, first as a system engineer for 22 years and then in software management for the last 2 years. Since September of 2019, I also share my life with my cute pup Rio, now 10 months old, and my cat Sem, 13 years old! We live in the South of the Netherlands in a little village. My 2 daughters live about 4 miles from my house with their husbands and I have 5 grandchildren!

Marion Wever sketch

Q: How did your creative journey start? 
A: I’ve drawn since I could hold a pencil. I can’t remember not doodling but in high school, I quit drawing. I felt I wasn’t good enough and was very insecure as other students’ art caught more of our teachers’ attention so my drawings were basically ignored for some time.

Marion Wever sketch work

Beyond drawing, I was always very creative. Expressing and creating was like a lifeline for me.  I sewed baby clothes, knitted sweaters and crocheted dolls and little animals. I wrote short stories and for several years, led meditation evenings. Then in 2001 I wanted to paint. I bought a few tubes of acrylics and I loved it. I decided to take a course. That was the start. I went from acrylics to oil. And then my creativity stopped for a while because my life changed due divorce. One day in 2017, I found Draw Tip Tuesday on YouTube and the rest is history!

Marion Wever drawing

Q: Are you involved in any other creative activities? 
A: In October 2017, a fellow student, John Bloner saw an InkTober drawing I did and asked if I would like it to be placed in the Moss Piglet Zine he created with a group of artists. I was so excited! I loved and still love the Moss Piglet. Every month a new fantastic and creative zine comes in the mail and it’s one of my favorite things (you can check out Moss Piglet here). I also love to draw people, just as they are and I want to learn more about Urban Sketching. Sometimes I draw on location or with the Urban Sketchers in the Netherlands. Most of the time I don’t like what I create but that no longer prevents me from going anyway!

Q: What has your creative practice taught you? 
A: It is not important if someone thinks you are good (enough). It’s important how you feel about what you do and how you feel when you do it. When I’m in my creative bubble, it’s the most relaxing thing. Sometimes it can be frustrating when something you want doesn’t turn out on paper the way you envisioned. But when you do it and it finally works, you are proud of yourself and get a lot of energy from what you created. Then it’s just plain old fun!

Q: If you could give one piece of advice to a brand new artist or someone who’s just recently joined SBS, what would it be?  
A: Make sure you don’t get intimidated by people who have been making art for years, but look without judgment and do your own thing. Make sure you have fun!

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