Aleesha Sattva

SkoolYard Student Spotlight: Meet Aleesha Sattva


Aleesha Sattva is a Canadian-born artist who now lives in Chiangmai, Thailand.

Q: Tell us about your creative journey, Aleesha.

A: I always wanted to be an artist but I didn’t know how. I discovered Zentangle and became a Certified Instructor. Then one day I shared on Instagram that I’d like to sketch a particular building here in Chiangmai and a friend told me that if I was serious I needed to check out Sketchbook Skool. I took How to Draw Without Talent and within hours I was sketching!

Q: What’s your typical day like?

A: My hubby and I start our day with an espresso and looking at our fish tanks. Then I spend an hour on social media (Instagram and SkoolYard). After that I work on other projects like the Sketchbook Skool Mentorship Program, checking in on pairs and assisting people with the program.

Then it’s time for another coffee! I sit and sketch my hubby or do a blind contour drawing while we talk about our focus for the day. We either grab a Songtaew and head out somewhere or we settle in for the day. I’m usually watching art videos or learning more about the Ketogenic way of eating. Knowledge is power and I love researching and learning more so I’m seldom sitting in a quiet room anymore. I almost always have a podcast or video playing. At the early end of our day (around 7pm) we climb into bed and my hubby reads to me for an hour or two.

Q: What kourse has meant the most to you?

A: How to Draw Without Talent is 100% definitely the most incredible kourse I’ve taken. If I could have only taken ONE kourse… that would have been it. It took me from having no idea how to sketch to sketching. Danny is such a patient and authentic teacher. I always wanted to be an artist and Danny helped me make that dream come true. Right now, I’m even re-doing that Kourse again because I figure I’ll get way more out of it now that I’ve found my footing within my style!

Q: Why do you draw?

A: Oh that’s a great question. Gifting myself the time to create my interpretation of a moment; slowing my breath, feeling the earth beneath my feet and seeing how the light bounces around creating shadows (I love shadows) and then putting that onto paper allows me to be present and mindful. And then, when I look back at my art, I re-experience that mindfulness. It is such a gift.

Q: What’s your desert island art tool?

A: My Daniel Smith watercolours. I love how granulating the colours are. I’m a huge fan of granulation. After all… a deserted island? That sounds like a whole lotta sunsets and sunrises to capture! (can I add an s and make it a dessert island instead cause that sounds way more yummy!)

We love seeing Aleesha’s style evolve and the colorful spirit she brings to the SkoolYard!

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