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Student Bulletin: You Sure Told Us


In this week’s Student Union Bulletin, Sketchbook Skool Dean of Students Morgan Green talks about the mountain of mail she got in response to survey questions we asked you, our students, about Sketchbook Skool. Some of the results: Andrea Joseph’s Creative Lettering was a big hit, and you want both 30-day and 6-week kourses. You also told us one of the most important things that makes Sketchbook Skool different, and so much better, than other online creativity courses…


The Sketchbook Skool community was described by one student as being a huge bunch of friends encouraging each other to be their best. Students not only share their drawings but their personal stories, their setbacks and triumphs, their life events. What they get back can’t be described in words, but it has brought forth some beautiful art–and even more community.

Student Union Bulletin

Thank you all for making Sketchbook Skool more than just online art lessons for us, too. Our community is what makes SBS great. You are all, individually and together, an amazing work of art.

Learn how to be more creative, and join a group of friends from all over the world in Sketchbook Skool. Our new term of klasses is available now; just click here.

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