At Sketchbook Skool, we celebrate lots of different styles and approaches to art. We love seeing students’ styles develop as they take our kourses, engage with other students, and practice, practice, practice!

One student, Helen, is known throughout our community for her amazing stylized portraits, often inspired by the Sktchy app. Helen decided to add a little flare to a supply box that kids use for a nature program on a farm where she volunteers in the UK. She made lots of curious friends as she painted, and now some of her “faces” can live on in an entirely new setting.

From Helen: “I’ve spent the last 2 Monday’s at the National Trust’s Saddlescombe Farm, where I volunteer sometimes painting the wellbeing box. Since we mostly do outdoors activities I painted the sides with things associated with our activities. The project is called TIN (Trust in Nature) so we decided to call the box the Tin Tin. I had to draw Tintin & Snowy on the top.”

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