Last week, we announced our new term, with a new twist—we now have klasses on demand that you can do at your own pace, and a community klass with a group of people just like you learning together. This month’s community klass is Storytelling, and it starts today (just click here to enroll).

Storytelling is an awesome klass. Over the next six weeks, six great artists will show you how to turn a sketchbook into an illustrated book about your life. They’ll share their love of art, their techniques and tricks, and teach you how to draw people, places and things. You’ll even become an urban sketcher.

The beauty of taking a community klass is just that: community. Whether you’ve drawn before or it’s your first time, being with a ton of other people just like you, from all over the world, makes learning to draw even more fun.

Join up. Fill out your profile, meet your klassmates and your first teacher. And get ready to make amazing art—starting today. Click here to join Storytelling.

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