Guidance Counselor: Stefan Bucher on Creative Focus


Welcome to Sketchbook Skool’s Guidance Counselor, the column that answers your questions on creativity, making art, the kind of marker (or color pencil) that feels right for your soul, and anything else you have a question about! This month’s question came from a discussion in the Sketchbook Skool Community:

How do you choose one type of art to focus on? In Sketchbook Skool, we get exposed to all kinds of ways to be creative and make art—drawing with pens, watercolors, markers, different styles of doing things, creative lettering, portraits of people, Urban Sketching… How do you pick one thing?

The perfect person to answer this question is this week’s teacher in our kourse: Stefan Bucher. He’s an artist. He’s an author. He also runs his own design studio, and he’s designed everything from film titles to a theater in Las Vegas and an adorable Yeti. And he makes monsters out of ink blots. He’ll tell you what he thinks about picking one area to focus on in this video, which is his first lesson in this week’s klass.

And now that you’re full of ideas… Go make some art!

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For more about Stefan:

Visit his studio, 344 Design

Check out his menagerie of Daily Monsters

And his books! 344 Questions

100 Days of Monsters

Stefan G. Bucher’s Letterheads: An Eccentric Alphabet

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