We’ve always known that the students in Sketchbook Skool make up a special community. People from all over the world have been brought together by our mutual love for learning to draw and making art. Our students come from different countries, have different kinds of lives and routines, beliefs, and political views, and yet we all share something in common that has transcended boundaries over time: art.

In this week’s Student Union bulletin, our Dean of Students, Morgan Green, talks about the amazing art students made to process world events, such as the presidential election in the United States, and the admirable ways in which they handled strong feelings about politics. After a lengthy, polite discussion in our private Facebook group, the students naturally reflected the guidelines we’ve always had in Sketchbook Skool–that art is a way of processing what’s going on in the world. As artists, we can’t help but do that. And we’re doing it in a way that respects our fellow students in the community. (For more on making art during turbulent times, read this article by Toni Morrison.)

Long story short: We’re proud of our students, not only for making art, but for making Sketchbook Skool a safe and open space for expressing themselves.

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