We are overjoyed to announce the very first SketchKon in Pasadena from November 2-4, 2018. It’s a brand new event — but we have been thinking about it and working on it for ages!

The students of Sketchbook Skool and members of the Artists Network have been a huge, lively community for a long time. We’ve gotten to know each other, to share our art and our creativity, our experiences, our discoveries and, over time, our lives.

It’s been so important and life-changing to find like-minded folks to support us as we grow into our identities as artists. And many of us simply didn’t know any other artists before or even how to find kindred spirits. As one student put it upon joining the Sketchbook Skool group on Facebook, “I’ve finally found my tribe.”

But despite all the support and encouragement, it’s been a purely virtual community until now. That was really the only way for so many people scattered across the globe to meet up — on social media and in the classroom. Despite our bonds, we have always been separated by a screen.

But finally, we are going to have a chance to meet in person. To hug friends we’ve only ever spoken to through a keyboard. To meet new BFFs and have an actual, physical glass of wine together.

What has drawn us all together is our love of art and our desire to learn more about making it. And that’s exactly what we’ll get to do together—in person—in Pasadena. We’ll get to meet the artists who have been our long-distant teachers. To watch them draw, ask them questions, and show them the work they have inspired in our own sketchbooks.

Because we know how important SketchKon is to so many people, we have taken our time in putting it together. We wanted to find the perfect location, somewhere with great facilities and perfect weather, accessible and affordable to as many people as possible. We wanted to find the perfect speakers and work with them to create inspiring presentations. And great sponsors to present the best drawing and painting tools.

And we wanted to surprise you too. We want this to be a truly unconventional convention, not just a few demos and sketchcrawls and book signings, but something as creative and innovative as the two companies that are producing it. So we have come up with lots of activities and events to amaze and inspire you. We know you expect something more from us and so we have taken our time making sure we exceed those expectations.

November isn’t far off. Start planning what you’ll pack and who you can’t wait to meet in the flesh. Then tell your family, your colleagues, your neighbors, everybody, that you are absolutely, 100% not available the first week in November. You’ll be at #SketchKon!

See you in Pasadena! We can’t wait.

–Danny Gregory

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