Sketching at the Museum

Field Trip: Sketching at the Museum with Danny and Twingley


If there’s a heatwave going on where you live, as there is near Sketchbook Skool‘s New York campus, you’ll enjoy this SBS Field Trip!

Back in the winter, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory and SBS fakulty member Jonathan Twingley traveled through a snowstorm for a sketch meet at the Museum of Modern Art for The Picasso sculpture exhibit. Twingley sketches on location a lot; he recently turned a long commute into an art project for Amtrak. The day he met up with Danny, Twingley was working on a personal challenge, sketching all the Picasso sculptures he could find at the museum. You can see some of the results from both projects below.

Sketching on location is a great way to bring fresh inspiration to your sketchbook. And doing it with a friend is a great way to keep from chickening out. It can be a little intimidating to sketch in public—particularly when you’re sketching something by a great master. Don’t go for a perfect rendering; that’s what cameras are for. When you sketch what you see, sketch it as you see it. Art is about interpretation. Is the art you’re sketching a perfect rendering of a person, a house, a field? No, it’s the artist’s emotion and perception on the page.

After a few sketches, you and your friend can do more drawings of life as it’s happening, live at the museum cafe. Sketch other museum goers over a coffee—iced, if it’s hot where you are!

Learn more about the beauty and fun of drawing on location in our new kourse, Urban Sketching.

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