This week at Sketchbook Skool, students dug into watercolor in the klassroom, and shared some really amazing art in the SkoolYard!

In Klass

Students worked on lessons from Felix Scheinberger in That Looks Really Real and started dabbling in watercolor this week. Felix also joined us for a live Q&A webinar with Koosje and answered a ton of questions. We even got a surprise when he drew and painted a portrait of Koosje on the spot! Check out the replay here!

Updates from the Yard

We now have this awesome campus map that shows students around the various platforms that constitute Sketchbook Skool.

We are also adding new groups weekly for different regions and interests so linking up with your pals is a bit easier. Be sure to check out the Groups area for more updates!

Questions & Ideas

In the People Drawing People group, Bernard Hornblower shared a very touching comic book-style portrait he did for a friend who lost their 10-year old son to cancer.

On the topic of the Creative Process, Irenka Dominguez-Pareto shared a lovely quick drawing as a challenge to herself to make art, even if she only has 5 minutes in a day to do so. I loved the idea of challenging yourself to a 5 minute sketch in order to see that one tool and a very small pocket of time can yield a fun piece of art! What can you do with 5 minutes of drawing?

In Creative Blocks and Monkey Talk, Danny shared a poll on the topic of putting off your art making. We all fall into creative ruts and sometimes put up our own road blocks. Be sure to chime in here and tell us about some of the ways you move past your own self-inflicted creative blocks!

Michelle Marques shared a challenge she is facing with a commission illustration project that’s causing her monkey to rear its ugly head. Other students gave her feedback and encouragement to finish the project.

This week’s Student Spotlight featured a longtime Sketchbook Skool student, Gwen Glotin. Learn a bit more about her and say hello here!


This week, we had our first group meetup in Southern Maine. Cheryl André and Christina Cromwell and friends had a great meetup in Southern Maine.

We also have a few meetups coming up this weekend:

New York, NY: June 1 @ 12pm (EDT) at Bryant Park

Kenosha, WI: June 1 @ 10am (CDT) at Lemon Street Gallery with the Krazines

Sacramento, CA: June 1 @ 10am (PDT) at Starbucks with the NorCal Sketchbook Buddies.

Orange County, CA: June 1 @ 10am (PDT) at Shenandoah at the Arbor

We hope you have a fun-filled, creative weekend!

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