This week at Sketchbook Skool, students studied negative spaces in klass, prepped for our upcoming newest kourse about colored pencils, and shared some of their inner dialogues with their Monkeys! Cover art by John Sutherland

In Klass

In That Looks Really Real, students worked with Koosje this week on negative space drawings and urban sketching. We have a live Q&A with Koosje on our YouTube channel coming up Friday June 7 at 12pm EDT!

We’re also getting pumped as we put the finishing touches on our new kourse, Colored Pencils: Sharpen Your Skills which starts on June 17! In addition to some classic SBS teachers like Andrea Joseph and our co-founder Koosje Koene, we have two brand new fakulty members in this kourse. Swasky, and Katya Tikhova are joining the Sketchbook Skool family of rockstar artists!

Updates from the SkoolYard

We kicked off a new project and group called Dear Monkey, which is kind of like a creative block confessional in which students can write a note to their monkey. We have seen some really touching responses and have met (and banished!) a variety of monkeys in the process.

Donna Druchunas started a discussion on keeping too many (or not enough!) sketchbooks. She was sensing some anxiety over the fact that she had started a ton of sketchbooks and was working in all of them simultaneously. Lots of students shared their sketchbook collecting habits and how they organize their own sketchbook collections by theme, subject matter, or even medium.

A few new posts were added to a discussion thread about films about artists. Chris Maybank suggested a film called Maudie based on the life of Maud Lewis, a self-taught folk artist from Nova Scotia who gained recognition in the 1960s. Student News

Irenka Dominguez-Pareto shared a work-in progress drawing that she was struggling with and got a few bits of feedback from other students. I can’t wait to see her finished result!

Ginger DeValue got to dive into Plein Air painting with SBS rockstar Brenda Swenson in and around Pasadena for an in person workshop last week. Her paintings were beautiful and it looks like she had a great time learning from Brenda in person. You can see more of Brenda’s teachings in the SBS kourse Seeing if you’re curious about her methods! Art at right by Ginger De Value

Helen Leigh-Phippard experimented with a new kind of “non paper” called Yupo from Stonehenge. The paper has a bit of a plastic-like finish so it reacts to media in a very different way, and doesn’t absorb them but they sort of sit on top of it. Helen has done a few portraits that have such a soft and fluid feel.


One lucky student had a fun one-on-one meetup with Koosje Koene while traveling in Amsterdam. Laura De Benedetti and Koosje met over coffee and did some drawing and shared stories about their creative journeys!

Other meetups happening this weekend include:

Sarasota, FL: June 7 @ 10:00AM EDT at Kahwa Coffee

Vancouver, WA: June 8 @ 10:30AM PDT at Starbucks at 304 W 8th St

Pasadena, CA: June 9 @ 9:00AM PDT at Arlington Gardens

Southern Maine: June 10 @ 9:30AM EDT at the Maine Wildlife Park

We hope you have an awesome weekend!

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