Featured image by student Alice Schlein

Whether it’s the next season of House of Cards or takeout food from the neighborhood Thai restaurant, having to wait is never fun. We look to Netflix for our favorite films and shows whenever we want them and we turn to GrubHub or a local delivery guy when we want our favorite meal but are too lazy to leave the house (or cook!). Like your favorite show or your favorite food, we want you to have access to Sketchbook Skool whenever you want; no waiting for another month or another year to take the kourse you have been eyeing. Now, you can sign up for any of our six kourses, and begin right away, or when it is convenient for YOU. You can work at your own pace and participate in klass galleries and discussion forums in the Sketchbook Skoolhouse Student Union on your own time. No matter when you sign up, there will always be people posting their work somewhere on the Skool grounds. Tim the Dachshund will explain more below…

Whether you’re waiting for a break at work or anticipating some time off around the holidays this year, sign up for Sketchbook Skool when it fits in your schedule! All klasses are open for enrollment here.

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