Old Diaries

SketchBook Club: Old Diaries


In this week’s SketchBook Club, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory will be taking you to the museum wing of his sketchbook library to show you some rare artifacts: Old diaries.

These aren’t Danny’s sketchbooks from the days before Sketchbook Skool; these are really old school diaries. They’re books that Danny has found in antiques sales and shops, and they’re beautiful records of people’s lives, even if they don’t have drawings in them.

These diaries give you a sense of what life was like before smartphones, before computers, before TV, when ping-pong and radio were the big distractions. Yet basic human emotions, about questioning life and finding purpose, remain the same.

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Do you have any old diaries, maybe from previous generations of family members, or that you’ve found at flea markets? This long holiday weekend is a great time to look for some. You might get a peek into someone else’s life from long ago, and see some of your own life in it.

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