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SketchBook Club: Hannah Hinchman

Welcome to the first SketchBook Club! (You thought we were going to spell that “Klub,” didn’t you? We did too, for a minute, but we came to our senses).

In this first installment of SketchBook Club, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory talks about a book near and dear to his heart, and his wall of sketchbooks: Hannah Hinchman’s A Life In Hand. This book solidified the idea of the illustrated journal for Danny and set him on a path to drawing his life. If you’re here, have taken SBS klasses, and have started on your own path of drawing, you know where this book led.

You can get Hannah Hinchman’s book A Life In Hand here. Enjoy our first SketchBook Club, and stay tuned for another coming soon!

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