David Gentleman

SketchBook Club: David Gentleman


In this week’s SketchBook Club, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory gives you a formal introduction to one of his favorite artists and a true gentleman—that would be David Gentleman.

The video is part meditation (you’ll see what we mean when you start watching) and part tour of David Gentleman’s work. Urban Sketchers will take particular delight in this look at David’s books. (If you’re into Urban Sketching, our Exploring kourse has two great Urban Sketchers, Lynne Chapman and Nina Johansson.

Enjoy this third installment in Danny’s obsession with sketchbooks, and books about sketchbooks (it’s easy to be obsessed with sketchbooks, isn’t it?).

In this video, Danny mentions two of David Gentleman’s books; you can get Coastline here, and London here.

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