It’s almost time to give thanks! Are you up for a Sketch Challenge?

In Canada, Thanksgiving happened on October 12 and in the US, we wait till November 26. But no matter where you are there’s good reason to give thanks for something. Let’s celebrate your creativity!

Here’s your assignment for the following weeks:

Share a drawing and add some thoughts that describe how you are using your art to celebrate the holidays and the season.

You can upload it in the Facebook group, on the Student Union, and/or on the Sketchbook Skool Facebook page (, or share it on any social media channel you want, using the hashtags #sketchbookskool #art4all #artforall #thanksgiving and #holidays.

Let’s support each other, be thankful and celebrate our creativity every day. We will post some of your fabulous creations in November. We’re looking forward to see your art!

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