Your #MondayMotivation to get creative, and perhaps get a lot more out of the process, comes through this week’s Shut Your Monkey podcast. Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory interviews Victor Yocco, psychologist and author of Design for the Mind: Seven Psychological Principles of Persuasive Design. Victor has a great story about shaking the monkey (the inner critic that tries to keep us from being creative and trying new things) by being courageous enough to get another monkey off his back. Click here to listen to the podcast, and to get a discount code that will give you 39 percent off Victor’s book. Listen with a sketchpad and pen at hand; you never know how you might be inspired!

Want to keep the inspiration coming? You could be taking amazing online art klasses right now while you’re drinking coffee and eating that yummy-looking meal. Click here, take your pick of any of our upcoming kourses, and be inspired–and inspiring.

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