shut your monkey monday

Shut Your Monkey Monday

Welcome back to Shut Your Monkey Monday, our version of #MotivationMonday! Thanks to the previous excerpts from Danny’s new book, Shut Your Monkey, you’ve probably been able to turn down the volume on the inner negativity that fights creativity. Still hear some monkey chatter? Drown it out with the hum of becoming a busy creative bee by following these tips. And at the end of this post, you’ll find out who won a signed copy of Danny’s book in the #ShutYourMonkey giveaway!

If you must be rigid about anything, make it your schedule. Insist on sitting down at certain times and places. But let the work itself be free.

It’s okay to explore. A schedule can help keep the monkey at bay — but know its limits. Don’t expect to know exactly what you’ll accomplish. A different outcome isn’t failure.

Detailed outlines, lots of tight sketches may not get you there. Have a map — but allow yourself detours. Have a destination but let your ideas breathe and run. It’s okay to take wrong paths. Don’t let the monkey turn uncertainty into doubt. Live with ambiguity and just trust.

Be lavish in your productivity. Buy reams of paper and cases of pencils. Take lots of pictures. Have lots of ideas, of all qualities. Number the lines on your page and then fill them. 10 ideas before breakfast. 10 ideas after dinner.

Don’t quit mid-round. Schedule your breaks. Then even if you’re feeling dry, work until the bell rings, then step away. Go for a walk or run or read or draw. You’ll come back buzzing.

Bite by Bite. Carve your work into digestible chunks. Don’t sit down to write a novel. Write a page, a sentence, a word. Then the next. One tiny step after another.

Park at the top of the hill. Don’t stop because you are out of ideas. Push until something good comes. Stop in the middle of a sentence so you can pick it up again the next day in mid-thought. You will sleep excited, wake up with new connections.

The winners of the #ShutYourMonkey giveaway are:

Owen Swain

Linda D’Amario

Stuart Goss

Helen Leigh-Phippard

Jen Gioia Cahill

Midori Kawahara

Darlene Campbell

MaryBeth Schladt McDonald

Dagmar Regula

Heather Barnwell

Thanks to everyone who participated–your monkeys and SYM selfies were awesome! Stay tuned to the blog and Facebook; another great SBS giveaway is coming soon!

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