Art by fakulty member Veronica Lawlor

The results from our Sketchbook Skool survey are in, and to paraphrase Sally Field’s famous Academy Award speech: You like us! You really like us. We’re glad to hear we’re doing a good job. And by the way, the feeling is mutual–we love our Sketchbook skolars and their amazing art.

Now we’d like to spread the good word about Sketchbook Skool to people who may not have heard about us yet, and we can’t think of anything better than a recommendation from you.

Share your Sketchbook Skool experience with us so we can share it with the world. Send us a video of you talking about how you made new friends in Skool, or email us the story of how you’d always wanted to draw but never found the time or figured out how until enrolling in a Sketchbook Skool klass. However you want to tell your SBS story, we want to hear it!

Send your testimonials to (feel free to use a service like Google drive to share larger files). And thank you for making Sketchbook Skool so kool.

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