liz gilbert a letter in fear

SBS Teacher Penny Dullaghan Featured in Liz Gilbert Video!


We have to show some Skool pride: Sketchbook Skool fakulty member Penelope Dullaghan‘s beautiful artwork is featured in a video based on writing by Elizabeth Gilbert! In this “crankie” (an illustrated scroll turned by a hand crank) by the SALT Project, Penny’s work illustrates Liz’s narrative of a chapter from her book Big Magic.

A Letter To Fear by Elizabeth Gilbert

Liz shares how she deals with fear trying to keep her from being creative; sound familiar? Putting fear in the backseat so we can get to creativity is a subject near to our hearts, as is Penny’s beautiful work.

If you’re inspired to get your own fear out of the driver’s seat, keep your creative habit running smoothly; click here to check out our new term of klasses.

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