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Urban Sketching: SBS Fakulty Sketchcrawls


One of the great things about UrbanSketching is meeting up with some friends to sketch together. As sketchbook artists, most of us may be used to working alone at home. Urban Sketching gives us a chance to get together with similarly sketch-minded friends, or join a sketch group, or even create one!

Then, you pick a good spot and draw architecture, cars, other people having coffee along with you—life. Nothing about it is perfect—except for the company and the creativity.

This is what Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory did with Sketchbook Skool Fakulty members France Belleville Van Stone and Jason Das. Jason is this week’s teacher in our Urban Sketching kourse, where he tells you all about Urban Sketching (even if you live in a suburban area), and takes you to New Orleans to learn to sketch the great buildings there.

Want to go on another Sketchcrawl with Danny? Check out this Facebook Live video he did with France and Tommy Kane, who teaches in our classic kourse.

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