SBS Fakulty Chat: Danny Gregory on How to Be More Creative


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You want to be creative. You buy the art supplies, you make a promise to yourself to finally, finally learn to draw. Maybe you even make time to do this. And then… Does it happen? Or do you get shut down by the monkey chatter in your head?

Getting past that monkey and actually becoming more creative is one of the things Danny Gregory teaches in our new kourse, Exploring.

Danny is an expert at actually being creative. He co-founded Sketchbook Skool with Koosje Koene, he’s written several books on making art, he’s a self-taught artist and has in turn taught tens of thousands of people how to draw. And he’s done it all while hearing that monkey in his head saying, Don’t, you can’t, forget this, you don’t have time, you’re wasting time, what’s this for… All the excuses we’ve all heard in our own heads. In Exploring, he shares how he gets past that monkey chatter and makes art.

Danny will also deftly distract your inner monkey with lessons on how to create shadow, light, and tone and the appearance of colors with only a regular pen and ink. (Little-known fact: Monkeys are fascinated by shades and gradations.)

You can hear more about Danny’s lessons in this SBS Fakulty Chat with Danny and Koosje (click the image above to play). Exploring starts this Monday, April 17, and this is the only time this kourse will be offered. You won’t want to miss it! Click here to see more and enroll.

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