In this week’s SketchBook Club, Sketchbook Skool co-founder Danny Gregory shows you the unique, engaging work of d.price, creator of Moonlight Chronicles.

A long time ago, Danny came across an edition of a zine (a homemade magazine) called Moonlight Chronicles. It was the story of a life—the everyday life of Dan Price, who lives in eastern Oregon. He shared his stories through words and art in limited runs of his zine. Danny discovered not only the zines but a kindred spirit.

Dan continues to make his line-drawn stories, and although early editions of Moonlight Chronicles are hard to come by, you can find Dan’s work here. You can also get his books Moonlight Chronicles, How to Make a Journal of Your Life, and Radical Simplicity. And you can watch a movie about Dan’s simple lifestyle here.

If the idea of zines, homemade magazines that can be about any subject you want, intrigues you, you’d love Brian Butler’s klass in our community kourse Exploring. Students are contributing to a community zine right now! Click here to check it out.

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